Finding and fitting the right frame for you is not only a technical job, but it is a form of art. In order to find the perfect pair, you need to find an experienced frame stylist or optician who will take the time to understand your prescription, vision, personal style, and frames that will enhance your facial features. At Eye Life Vision Center, we are confident that our well trained staff can achieve that. It is our promise to you that we will find the right pair for you that not only fulfills your individual look but also comfort.

Frames vary in styles, sizes, material, and shapes. It is important to fit frames that will suit the shape of your face as well as frames that will best fit your prescription. For example, if you have a high minus prescription to correct your high nearsightedness, rounder and smaller frames can help cut down the edge thickness of your lenses. Of course, we will also recommend appropriate thinner lenses that can also minimize lens thickness and weight. Your frame should have the proper width to fit across your face without the temples digging the side of your head. Your eyes should also be in the center of each lens to give you your truest vision.

Every detail of frame fitting is essential to optimize your clarity in vision, all day wear comfort, and give you the look that you want.

We will also honor free cleaning, minor adjustments and repairs including nose pads replacement for all eyeglasses dispensed from our optical at any time during our office hours. No appointments are needed. Just come on in and let us work our magic.