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Help with Allergic Conjunctivitis

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Why it happens?

Allergic conjunctivitis occurs when your eye detects foreign matter, such as pollen, pet dander, mold spores, etc., and develops an immune reaction to these substances.  This immune response manifest as inflammation, redness and itching of the external parts of your eyes.  The release of histamine by mast cells cause your eyes to swell, itch and tear.  The results can often range from a mild annoyance to nearly debilitating problem that may cause someone to stay almost exclusively indoors.  Also, remember to refraining from rubbing the eyes, as difficult as it may sound, since it can making the problem worse.    However, there is hope for those that suffer with allergic conjunctivitis.


Treatment for allergic conjunctivitis often of depends on the severity of the problem.  Generally, allergic conjunctivitis can be managed with artificial tears, cold compresses, avoidance of the offending agent such as staying indoors or being rigorous with cleaning your surroundings, and/or prescription eye drops.  There are many over the counter drops that can also assist in managing allergic conjunctivitis.  However, prescription eye drops may work best to alleviate your symptoms, which include medications such as topical steroids or antihistamine/mast cell stabilizer combinations.   If this is something you feel may benefit you, please let Eye Life Vision Center help you.  Please click this link to schedule your appointment today!