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If vision is important to you, then why trust your exam with just anyone.

When we started Eye Life Vision Center, we wanted to be the place that people felt at ease and enjoyed their experience while receiving comprehensive eye care.  Too often these days, we arrive at our doctors office as just a number.  Lost is the art of community and compassion with healthcare.  We are here to change that!

Why Choose Us?

Here are some reasons:

Medical Optomtry

Our optometrists have become well trained in detecting and managing various types of ocular diseases, as well as being familiar with the latest diagnostic equipment and technology. With nearly a decade of eye care experience, you can be confident in our abilities to treat and detect any eye conditions you may have.

Contact Lenses

We carry and fit the most up-to-date and advance contact lenses offered by different companies to accommodate your particular prescription. So whether you’re tired of wearing eyeglasses, want to change the color of your eyes, participate in sports, or simply want to be able to wear regular sunglasses and still see clearly, we can help you find the perfect pair of contact lenses to comfortably satisfy your visual and aesthetic needs.

Boutique Optical

Our design and choice of eye wear in our beautiful optical was created with you in mind. We have a large selection of designer brands, as well as unique boutique frames to choose from. Our diverse selection in styles, sizes, and prices will make it easy for you to find that perfect pair. Our team is here to make sure you look great, feel great, and see great whether with glasses or contacts.

Meet Our Doctors

Come experience the difference in eye care lead by our staff and doctors.  For those that have been here already, we hope that your visit exceeded your expectations.